TokenStars is a project that aims to support promising aspiring athletes to become professionals and it also intend to upgrade the players selection processes.

Its starting with Tenis and soccer with expanding plans into other sports and segments like poker players, models, actors and musicians.

They enphatise how potencial this sector is. So, they plan to support the athletes in the early stages of their carriers to turn them into professionals and profit from it.

They formed up a team of tenis and other sports speacilists, an very qualified staff team to manage and succeed with this project. 

They will be paying for services like scouting worldwide who will be looking for rising stars. 
Introducing many ways to find out which kind of player its worth investing money and time. 

The whitepaper looks gorgeous, its the biggest that have ever seen, with nothing else than 62 pages. Explaining every inch of the project. In there, you can find an entire section of risks and issues that they may face. This is a really good sign, that they are aware of the future issues and are proactive on thinking how to solve them. And thats really important when it comes to business success.

They are being pioneers in tokenizing celebrities, that’s why the market is great, even more with the presented plans of going escalating to other sports and in a deeper way.
They presented it as a financial business model in talent management and proved throughout the whitepaper that there is a lot of money in this industry, making the project easier to acquire by shareholders.

The idea of working with young celebrities is very promising, especially in tennis where the wider community knows itself. 
The company points out that not many people know that tennis players make millions.
More than tournament cash prizes, sponsorship contracts with equipment and clothing brands. There are also general advertising contracts, appearance and participation fees.


In addition, the use of the blockchain mainly in the decision-making of the company, where each holder of assets can give a direct opinion on the actions of the company. The mechanism will display the data of each player for general evaluation. So all tokens holders will have a function. From scouts looking for talents, to promoters who help in publicizing and promoting the athlete to the analysts who help in decision making through the voting mechanism.

The global media is also eyeing TokenStars. Some well-known as: Forbes, Finance Magnates, Inc., Huffpost, Bitcoinchaser, BitcoinGarden, InsideBitcoins and 99Bitcoins. And this is a sign that the project will be out there for all to support. 


The project showed its intentions in the script, step by step very clearly. This is very important to achieve the goals and make the project a success.

They will divide the expansion into 3 parts: 
Start: Tennis and Soccer(September)
Phase II: Poker (September), Basketball, Hockey
Phase III: Movie Actors, Bands of musicians, Models.

Anyway, we from ICONIC desire the best  of luck for the project and its members.    

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