Introduction comes to find the people your company needs, faster than anyone else.

Perfect solution for sales, recruitment, leads and anyone else you need to find through a database.
With you will have access to domain searches, emails from members of linkedin, profiles of companies and its information.

This process of searching and outreach market is facilitated by them.
Many current and high-profile companies are already using this searching tool. Companies like: Soundcloud, UBER, ORACLE, LEGO, UBISOFT and others.

The company relies on decentralized lead generation and obtention platform.

With technology-based processing of smart contracts and blockchain.

Using public data collection of potential leads to take targeted actions. With a reward system for adding and updating collective data, contributors can make money by doing this. In addition, any and all data updates go directly and immediately to the blockchain and updates to all customers through the smart contract.

The customer can have complete access to all data that it is looking for.
The customer can also search for several types of people: customers, buyers, specialists, service providers and all the people that might need to look for in the outer market.

For this service has several plans that match with your need.
From free plans with 150 purchase credits, through intermediaries ranging from USD $ 19.00 to 1,000 credits and USD $ 49.00 to 5000 credits (most common) up to greater plans for USD $ 139.00 per 50,000 credits purchase. Notice that in all plans it is possible to exercise all functionalities, only with different numbers of credits.

will be used to reward the contributors of the platform. Inside the platform everything works through the Token SNOV.

Funds raised by the sale of tokens will be applied in the following areas:
-Expansion and Strengthening of the Team

- Improve system efficiency

-Marketing and Public Relations

- Attracting new contributors to the system

-Promoting the mission of the company

-Reserve Funds

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation can be done from person to person, from person to company or from company to company. It is basically initiating consumer interest in some product, service or even work.

It is a kind of leadership mechanism, where the lead leads to the business opportunity. Usually leads are connected with advertising. Be it in various ways such as: Internet, Newspapers, Advertisements, Sales Representatives that lead the company to have the expected results in an organic way.
Let's say the lead groups potential customers with a funnel so the company can capture its customers more efficiently, thus increasing its profits.



For people looking for rewards campaigns, will have an excellent campaign that will have 25,000,000 tokens available for the following campaigns:

- Signature campaign - 7 500 000 SNOV

- Media, blogs, forums and publications - 6 500 000 SNOV

- Translation and moderation - 5 000 000 SNOV

- Twitter Campaign - 3,000,000 SNOV

- Facebook campaign - 3,000,000 SNOV

The manager of the bounty campaigns will be Deadley; check out for him in the;u=97213




Further informations

The Bounty Campaign begins on August 11 and ends on the last day of token sales. The token sale is expected to take place in September. The exact dates will be announced on's website and social networks.

The exact dates, terms and conditions of the rewards program are posted on our website


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