In order to delivery an high quality content to the end users and an professional job for project developers, we have been closely selecting professionals on the bitcointalk community.

 The first barrier that all project faces is the language, about 500 million people speak english and that‘s why the translators work is so important: they can link you to with the rest of the world.

The blockchain tecnology and the crowdfunding system are beautiful, everyone can support an project of a team on the other side of the planet with just a few clicks! Let these people know about your project, allow them to support you.


You can find our team information and for which languages our services are available bellow, you can also view the portfolio of each member. 

Now you don't need to waste your precious time choosing one by one, let us be your choice and spread your word.


Our team:

Language   Nickname Bitcointalk Rank   Portfolio   Status
Portuguese sabotag3x Sr. Member N/A Available
Turkish talatk Hero Member Link Available
Romanian ltcrstrbrt Legendary N/A Available
German layer1gfx Legendary Link Available
Chinese lihuajkl Legendary Link Available
Polish sud Full Member N/A Available
Italian unsoindovo Legendary Link Available
Dutch kaltun Hero Member N/A Available
Hindi erikalui Legendary Link Available
Greek Starlightbreaker Legendary N/A Available
Spanish Doken Full Member N/A Available
Indonesian topbitcoin Sr. Member N/A Available
Filipino Coin_trader Sr. Member N/A Available
Russian Sergei.Gerasimenko Full Member N/A Available
Hebrew YIz Sr. Member N/A Available
Korean N/A N/A N/A Not Available
French N/A N/A N/A Not Available
Japanese N/A N/A N/A Not Available
Escandinavian ajiz138 Sr. Member N/A Available