This is probably the most chaotic sector, it is common to see an manager dealing with 5-10 bounty programs and have to manage translations/signatures/social media/other with more than 1000 entries.
Many times bounty participants receive less than the right share and managers have an spammed inbox, in order to deliver a solution for both parties, you can choose us to manage your campaigns.

Bounty campaigns are a fever, a person can choose one or more projects to support and can earn some coins/tokens of the project and it can conquer this person because now both of them have an connection. This person probably will be monitoring your roadmap, talking about your project even after a year.

If you want the attention of your public, that's the easiest way, choose us to take care of the bounties management and see your project being shown on Twitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk, Blogs, Reddit and any other social media.

You can find more information about our management team and find the links to the individual portfolios on the table bellow, we are ready to make the best for your project and for your supporters.